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3D Floor Plans Make Buyers Fall In Love With A property

  • From $110 (single storey home)

  • Send us photos, builders plans or
    even a hand drawn sketch

  • Completed in 48 hours

3 Easy Steps

Looking at a 3D Floor Plan buyers will ...

  • Visualise themselves living in the space

  • Start planning how they would furnish the property

  • Get emotionally attached!

3D Floor Plans help you sell more!

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How do 3D floor plans sell more homes?

As all real estate agents know, having a prospect 'fall in love' with a property is the first step in an easy and highly profitable sale. Potential buyers want to picture themselves living in the property. They think about how their furniture will fit and how they will live in the different areas of the house - 3D floor plans help buyers do exactly this.

Are builders plans required? Can I get a floor plan for an older property?

Builders plans are NOT required! We can create 3D floor plans from a hand drawn sketch and photos of an older property. A 3D floor plan is a great way to make an older/established property stand out.

How do you determine the colours and materials used in the floor plan from a sketch?

The more information you can provide to us the more accurate your 3D floor plan will be. For instance if you provide builders plans and 10 photos of an apartment - the generated floor plan will be quite accurate. However if only a hand sketch is available we will have to assume various details so the final result may not match the reality. The more detail you can provide the better, send us everything that you have.

What image formats will I receive for my floor plan?

We supply a high quality JPG image which is ideal for printed marketing materials or online listings like For multi-storey properties we will supply a separate image for each floor.

Hello, My Name is Daniel...

I create 3D floor plans for real estate agents throughout Australia. I'm based in Perth.

I have always been interested in property. I bought my first house at age 21 and my first investment property shortly after. Last year I bought a property off-the-plan, so all I had was a builders plan to imagine what the finished product would be like. So I created a 3D rendering from the plans of my new apartment. It helped me to visualise what the finished product would be like.

I realised this could be a powerful tool to help real estate agents close more deals. So I built this small business and now I work with real estate agents daily to help them sell more homes!

I'm always available on my personal phone for any questions you may have.