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    Can I import numbers from an Excel Spreadsheet?

    Yes! You can easily copy and paste numbers into SMSWorks. Once you've added them, we will remember them for next time.

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    Can I personalise my messages with the recipient's name?

    Yes! You can easily copy and paste numbers with names into SMSWorks. You can then dynamically use your customer's names in the messages you send out to them. Customers love a personal touch!

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    Can I schedule messages to go out over the weekend?

    Yes! You can create a message then schedule it to be sent at a date and time of your choosing.

  4. 4

    Do I need to install any software?

    No. Everything is done from our website. No need to install any software.

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    How do I organise all my customer's numbers?

    Our site has the facility to create customer groups. You can group your customers based on their location, the products they are interested in, the event they attended or whatever is relevant to your business! For example if you sell vitamins to customers around Australia you may have a group called 'Fish oil buyers Sydney' or 'Flax Seed Competition entry'.

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    Can I include merge fields?

    Yes. Imagine you run a netball club and need to collect the yearly fees. Problem is, the amounts owing are different for every member. With SMSWorks you can import data from Excel and send a different amount to each member all in a single message.

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    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards. If you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer we can do this too, just drop us an email.

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