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YayTask In Detail

YayTask aims to simplify task management. We take out all the features you never use and just leave in the essentials.

Our unique workspace view provides a single page where all task as immediately visible. The workspace shows all the live tasks, you can see at glance who is responsible for the task and when the task is due to be worked on. This allows you to instantly look at your team and see what everyone is working on. You can instantly see who has too much work and who doesn't have enough.

Tasks are given a due date, which can differ from the date you are working on them. This due date will change the color of the task. A new task starts as blue, on the due date the task changes to orange and displays the 'Due Today' label. If the due date has passed the task turns red and displays the 'overdue' label. Once a task is marked as Complete, the task turns green and shows the 'complete' label.

YayTask is open. The workspace provides the same permissions to everyone in your team. Everyone can view all the tasks going on and freely edit them. When you think about it locking down a team management system from your team is a bad idea. It needs to be open and free from access restrictions.

Managing your team in YayTask is easy. The team leader sets up the YayTask account, they then invite their team members by entering their name and email address. The invited team members receive an email telling them about YayTask and providing login details. To better identify your team you can add avatars (small pictures of your team members).

YayTask has integrated chat. Whether your team works from the same office or from remote locations around the work communication via YayTask is easy. Team members can chat with each other in a simple and instant way. Just click a team members avatar then type your message and send. It will pop up instantly on their screen and they can reply just as easily.

The best way to determine if YayTask is right for your team is to try it out in our live demo. Just in instantly without having to complete a sign-up form and add some tasks, move them around then solve them. This will give you a feel for YayTask. But we're confident that if you like simplicity you will like YayTask and your team will love it too!

About Us

YayTask is a young startup based in Perth, Australia.

We found task management software boring and complex, so we built our own!

We love hearing from our customers and our not-yet-customers, please contact us and let us know what you think of YayTask.

-Daniel Kerton
Founder/Developer of YayTask Software PTY LTD

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